Rolladeck Components

The Rolladeck components include 3 pieces; a deck plate,base plates and slide plates. These pieces can be configured in numerous ways, making it effective for nearly any vehicle.

Rolladeck Components

Rolladeck Components - Base Plates

Base Plates

There are four different base plates all color coded for easy identification. Small, medium and large conical bolt on type post and 1″ clip on style post with nylon set screw. All base plates are equipped with two sets of threaded holes to enable reversing as needed for clearances or reach etc.

Rolladeck Components - Slide Plates

Slide Plates

The slide plates come in four sizes to accommodate tight clearances as well as wide spans. The slide plates easily bolt onto the deck plate either conventionally or with a drop down configuration to address elevations needed.

Rolladeck Kit Components - Roller Plate

Deck Plate

The deck plate incorporates the “patent pending cross link roller design which provides a secure rolling channel for the windshield to travel in. The rollers are made from high quality sealed ball bearings with closed end rubber wheels. This deck plate can also be used as a windshield removal tool for the previous glass. 

Rolladeck Components - Carry Bag

Carry Bag

The carry bag is made of sturdy canvas and offers numerous sleeves for storing parts of the Rolladeck.

Rolladeck Components - Hardware Kit

Hardware Kit

The hardware kit consists of the drop down configuration components and other parts you will need to set up this windshield setting and windshield removal  tool, such as allen wrenches. 

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