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Professional Tools & Equipment for the Automotive Glass & Collision Repair Industry

Rolladeck Windshield Setting System - Auto Glass Tool
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Auto Glass Technicians Endure a Taxing Workload

Auto Glass Technicians are faced with challenges every day. In order to be productive, they must have all of their auto glass tools and supplies readily at hand. They must quickly complete a multitude of service calls while meeting a strict standard of quality of work performed. Time is of the essence for the mobile technician. Technicians need an auto glass tool that works as hard as they do. To meet these daily challenges, the technician often would have to sacrifice their body and/or the quality of the installation to meet the day’s workload. This “Sacrifice” for speed has cost the  industry and the individual technicians an incalculable amount through  personal injury, workmen’s comp claims and crash worthiness liability  claims. The workload and demands of the job will not change but now there is a new auto glass tool that will revolutionize the auto glass installation industry.

Rolladeck Windshield Setting System Frequently Asked Questions

The Rolladeck Windshield Setting System

  • Provides precise sets
  • Easy to set up & use
  • No contact with painted surfaces
  • Prevents body strain & injury

To find out more information on the Rolladeck Windshield setting system, go to the tools “About” page here.

wire on game changer

The Game Changer Wire Cutting Tool

  • Will remove any glass regardless of condition
  • Does not rely on suction cups
  • Self-contained power unit
  • Pulls any fiber line or steel wire
  • Produces optimum angle for cutting

To find out more about the Game Changer, please visit the tools “About” page here.

The Rolladeck is available through our website as well as the following distributors

The Game Changer is available exclusively on our website and through our distributor PGW.

Pgw autoglass
Aegis glass
Pgw autoglass
Pilkington Glass
Mygrant glass

For Swiftcut Fiber Line replacements, please visit the Auto Glass Evolution website here or by clicking the logo image below.


Auto Glass Evolution

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Rolladeck Windshield Setting System Windshield Setting Tool on Wiper Post
Rolladeck Windshield Setting System Windshield Setting Tool on a Van
Game Changer Auto Glass Tool
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