Game Changer Components

The Game Changer tool kit includes the Game Changer gear case, powered by a Milwaukee M12 1/2″ drill driver and a 120 volt charger. 2 batteries are included in the case, a 2amp hr. battery and a 4amp hr battery. 2 anchor blades are included in 6″ and 10″ size with an adjustable idler pulley. Also included within the kit is a dash protector, t-handle wire starter, 100″ roll of swiftcut fiber line and an optional anchor cup.

Game Changer auto glass tool

Game Changer Gear Case
Powered by Milwaukee M12 21/2″ Drill Driver
2amp Hr Battery 4amp Hr Battery
120 Volt Charger


6″ Anchor Blade
10″ Anchor Blade
Adjustable Idler Pulley



Game changer t-handle

T-handle Wire Starter

Game Changer anchor cup

Optional Anchor Cup

orange wire

100′ Roll Swiftcut Fiber Line

dash protector

Dash Protector






2amp & 4amp batteries

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